• The most accurate panel test kit available
  • Covers all workplace drugs:

    C: control line             C: control line
    MET             aaaaaaaa BZO
    OPI            aaaaaaaaa BAR
    COC      aaaaaaaaaaa aMTD
    THC      aaaaaaaaaaa aTCA
  • PCP      aaaaaaaaaaa aAMP
  • Cassette and pipette in sealed pouches
  • Test result after 2 minutes with 3 drops of urine
  • Allowing for non-contaminated adulteration check
    (by using the pipette) and split sample procedure
  • Collection cups and temperature strips etc. available

LifeSign DOA10


Add three drops of urine to each of the two sample wells and read the test result after 2 (and within 10) minutes.
A red control line coming up at the top of each window shows that the test kit is in working order (shelf life etc).
A red line in the drug window means that the donor has passed the test for that particular drug.
A missing line is a preliminary positive test result, to be GC-MS confirmed.
A vague line is a borderline result (close to the cut-off level) which is to be interpreted negative - in favour of the dono


Accuracy - Accuracy - Accuracy

There are three main versions of drug testing kits in use: cassettes/pipettes, cups and dip-sticks. As there are no requirements from the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA), and most drug testing kits look the same, selection of drug testing kits - for workplace and other critical use - should be based on FDA clearances and performance studies in order to avoid "false negative" or "false positive" test results. In the various - and independent - performance studies conducted, PBM LifeSign - AccuSign™ comes out top ranking in accuracy.

The most important quality of PBM LifeSign and PBM AccuSign™ is its sensitivity to detect drugs which other panels may miss, implicating that an employee may test negative with other drug panels but positive with AccuTest and AccuSign™, which can be an unpleasant surprise for a person arriving at a (remote) work site employing AccuTest and AccuSign™. Likewise, the costs and other consequences of having people stood down, based on a "false positive" drug screen, speaks for itself.

The assays are also
available as a single test for each of the drugs and nicotine. For the various cut-off levels applied, see AccuTest and AccuSign™ Single.


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